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Maybe you built your businesses website yourself to avoid the cost of hiring a web developer. Maybe you hired someone to build a site for you, and they delivered what you thought you wanted, but two years later it just doesn't seem like your website is working for you. Maybe it feels like you need a new, better website, but you're not sure why. Or maybe you paid an SEO or digital marketing person to do some work, but you aren't sure if it was worth it.

It's easy for your online efforts to fall flat and land in the "expense" column. In my early days of Web-Building I was guilty of giving clients what they wanted, without ever asking them what they really need. Too often I was left feeling like I hadn't really helped, and that they'd paid for something that wasn't delivering for them in the long run.

These days it's my goal only to work for clients who I can help in a meaningful way, by learning about your business and helping you leverage the power of the internet to grow your businesses income. I want the cost of my help to be an investment in your business that pays for itself many times over. Your website and digital marketing are important and costly assets for your business. Let's make sure they are bringing in more money than they cost!

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