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GDPR Compliance

Comply with the law and avoid fines.

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WordPress Development

Advanced WordPress Theme and Plugin Development.

People touting themselves as "WordPress Professionals" are a dime-a-dozen. WordPress's free, open platform, and immense popularity with businesses large and small, creates an environment where it can difficult to find true developers with enough experience with the WordPress platform and related languages to provide quality service and well-built, bug-free WordPress websites for you and your clients.

My deep portfolio of completed projects and glowing recomendations from past and current clients back up my ability to build high-quality customized WordPress solutions.

Website Design

Design and Development,
I can help with either or both.

Working professionally as a designer since 1997, and with 15 years of experience teaching design at the college level, I'm qualified and experienced to design your user interface, as well as to develop it in the back end.

I can design your UI with industry standard tools such as Sketch, XD, or with old-school tools like Illustrator and Photoshop.

And when it comes time to translate that visual design into an interactive website, I can code your pixel-perfect pages.

Print Graphic Design

My initial career pathway into the field.

My first "design" experience was building newspaper pages for my high school paper way back in 1991!

Since then I've worked as an advertising and editorial designer in magazines and newspapers, and as a freelance designer for dozens of clients.

Whether you need print-solutions alone, or a suite of services including print and web experience, I'm your man.


Don't need Design, don't need Development,
just need help.

With over two-decades of experience as a professional designer and developer, I've done more than my share of nose-to-the-grindstone production work.

I'm an absolute pro at designing within established brand-guidelines, or with revising existing projects built in any of the industry-standard tools, both print and web-based.

I'm not above doing the dirty work that's needed to get a project wrapped up and off of the docket.


When you don't know what you want.

I've been around long enough to know how much things have changed since the days of Typestyler and Pagemaker. I've even cut Rubylith!

Being long in the design tooth gives me the ability to speak two languages - the language of tradional design (picas anyone?) and the language of the modern design world.

If you or your team needs help defining the scope of a new project or selecting the right tools for the job, my years of experience doing the work, working with clients, and teaching the material can help you find your way.


As a provider or a consultant.

I've been providing hosting to my clients for years, and can provide a simple hosting setup for you or your client that is adequate for most small-business websites.

For more resource intensive website projects, I can help select the right hosting provider, and can help make sense of the complicated managed WordPress hosting market.
(I recommend Flywheel!)

I can also help you make sense of email hosting options, and whether or not you should bundle your email hosting with your website, or use email hosting providers.

All the rest...

I can help with other general services as well.

As a practicing freelancer with years of experience, I have a long list of clients who rely on me for help with their existing projects.

I provide a suite of WordPress and Website services which can help you and your clients.

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