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William Alexander - Web Developer and Designer, Small Business Web Consultant

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I've been at this for a while now...

The fact that you’ve clicked on an “About Me” button on my website would suggest that you would like to know more about me, but I am willing to bet that even here in the “About Me” page of my site, the information you’re looking for is still about you. You want to know: "how can this guy help me with the challenges I'm facing in my business?"

If you really are looking for a deep dive into my experience and qualifications, I can certainly provide my resume. Over the years I’ve learned that, more often than not, clients don’t even ask how I learned to do what I do, or what tools I use to do it. Instead, clients want to know that I’ve solved business problems for other people like them.

I'm Not New To This Stuff!

You can tell by looking at my photo that I’ve been around a while. This professional, um, maturity... has given me a variety of experiences in graphic design, web design, web development, online marketing, and teaching, which all mix together to create the skillset that I bring to the projects I work on.

While those career experiences represent the major cities on my professional roadmap, the real story of the work that I do lies in the small towns that I’ve passed through along the way. Freelancing since 1997 has taken me on a long journey of experiences working with small and midsize businesses and agencies who needed to bring in some additional expertise to help them navigate their business’s next step on their own journey.

I’ve made wrong turns along the way - and I understand now that I’ve done good work for businesses that did no actual good for their business. Too often I took a client’s request at face value, without asking myself, or them, why they wanted the work that they were hiring me to do. This often resulted in beautifully designed and well built websites that looked better, worked better, but didn’t actually serve the goals of the business better.

I've Learned From My Mistakes.

These missteps left me feeling dissatisfied about my value to my clients. While I felt deep pride in the quality of my work, I was left feeling unsure about whether or not my work had created a lasting impact in the success of my client and their business. Did I help them increase their revenue and their profits? Was the money they paid me an investment in their future? Or was I simply an expense - one more check added to the ever growing costs of running a business.

That professional arc as a freelancer has led me to the place I’m at today. Where I once was a “web designer who builds websites” I now see that my work only has real value when it revolves around the goal of solving specific problems for the businesses I’m working with. I see that it’s my responsibility to ask “why” you are looking for help, and to use my knowledge and expertise to find and development business solutions to the problems that create pain for you and your business.

So, to that end, let’s talk. You are here not because you want to know more “about me,” but because you have a business, and your business has a problem, and as far as you can tell, web development of some sort might solve it. Let’s have a conversation about that. Enter your email below and I’ll reach out with a selection of times that I’m available for a cup of coffee (on me!), in person or over the phone, to discuss your business and its pain points, and to see how we might partner to address them. The only thing you’ve got to lose is a free cup of coffee! Or we can chat now if you like!

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